Our Curbing Consumerism theme is coming to a close. In November, we kicked off our first sustainability theme with the 5th Annual Plaid Friday Hike. Over 50 people showed up to take a 5 mile hike in Downtown Cincinnati instead of going out to shop on Black Friday. Over the past few months, we’ve talked about the environmental effects of humans’ holiday shopping habits, hosted events where participants learned how to create upcycled gifts, investigated the many issues surrounding the clothing industry, learned about the sharing economy, and, this past weekend, rounded it all up with a Repair Fair.

The 5th Annual Plaid Friday Hike crew.

Thanks to all of you who chose to come on the curbing consumerism journey with us. We learned a lot and we hope you did too. We’ve learned ways to be better consumerisms and we’re walking away from this theme with more tools to be consume with the environment in mind. Though our theme may be ending, the resources we’ve either created or shared will continue to live on. The Curbing Consumerism homepage will always be accessible on our website if you have resources you want to revisit or have folks you want to share it with.

Stay tuned for our next theme which will be around reducing waste. Let us know in the comments down below if there are any questions you have or topics you’d like to see covered during our Reducing Waste theme!

Repair Fair Roundup

The culminating event for our Curbing Consumerism theme was a Repair Fair. The event was super fun and a majority of the items brought in for repair were successfully fixed! Instead of throwing away items that weren’t working, attendees brought in their broken items and our volunteer fixers were able to repair them and give those items a second life. Check out some photos from the event below:

Our fixers worked all morning to get items repaired.


Fixer Joshua working on a small electronics repair.


Fixer Michele working on a jacket repair.