Vision, Mission, and Values


To create a culture that values the natural world and seeks the inherent benefits that come from living in harmony with nature.


Imago’s mission is to foster a deeper harmony with Earth by providing educational experiences, creating opportunities for discussion and community building, and conserving natural areas.

Core Values

Urban – as an urban organization, Imago focuses our work in serving people and nature in urban areas.

Empowering – we want to present solutions and possibilities that are attainable to all of us, while creating welcoming opportunities and experiences that encourage people to take the next step in their green journey.

Celebratory – lasting change can come from a sense of inspiration and celebration. Our programs and experiences invite people to view nature with a sense of wonder and connection as an inspiration to make change.

Rooted in Relationships – as an organization started by two social workers, we see relationships in all the work that we do. The relationship between people and nature and the excitement and fulfillment that comes from being in a community. Our participants, supporters, and partners all add to the richness of our organization.

Holistic – there is not just one way to be sustainable. For this reason we want to present a myriad of green experiences, using knowledge, art, spirituality, adventure, education, celebration, and service are all different ways that our programs can inspire sustainability.