Welcome to the Queen City Thingery, Imago’s Library of Things. Why buy something new that you’ll only use once and then stash in your garage to collect dust?

Borrow instead! From tents to tools to tiki torches, check out our thing-ventory and borrow away!

Borrowing saves money, builds community and is good for the planet.

Borrow in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Browse the Thing-ventory below.
  2. Make a Reservation: Go here to make a reservation and we’ll contact you to schedule your pick up.
  3. Enjoy your Thing: Then return on time, clean and whole, so someone else can borrow it.

Become a Member!

By becoming a member you save on Borrow Fees (and several items are free for members to borrow) and you support the growth of the Thingery!

What is a Library of Things

A library of things is simple a way for us to reduce consumerism, be easier on the planet, and build community by sharing what we’ve got. 

Here’s a nice article on the history and evolution of Libraries of Things.

How long can I borrow a thing?

You can borrow things for up to two weeks. Borrow fees on things are per week (if a thing has a borrow fee).

This is cool, are there other places like this?

Absolutely! There some amazing places and organizations that can further your sharing adventure.

I have a thing I want to donate.
  • Awesome! Fill out this simple form and we’ll get back to you.
Why Become a Member?

As a member you not only support the library, you support all of Imago’s other programs as well. Item borrow fees are less for members, and several items are free for members to borrow. 

Membership is good for one year and cover everyone in that household. Member prices are:

  • Regular Membership – $35
  • Low-Income/Student/Senior Membership  – $15, proof is not required, we honor the honor system
  • Organizational – Interested in giving your organization members access to the tool library – contact us to talk about a fair membership prices.

If you represent a nonprofit organization please consider visiting the fantastic Cincinnati Toolbank for your borrows. They have a vast selection of tools and equipment.

Why do things cost money if I am borrowing?

Borrow fees help to cover the costs of the eventual item replacement for things that have a shorter life or are more expensive. Borrow fees also help to cover costs of consumables (like stove fuel). 

I need a thing that you don't have.

It happens. Start by checking out other sharing options in our area (click on the “This is cool…”) for those options.

Also,  let us know and we’ll consider getting it.


I have other questions.

Send us a quick message or give us a call (513) 921-5124. 

Check out the Thing-ventory!

When you are ready to schedule a borrow simply fill out this interest form and we’ll get back to you.