Current Pieces

Trail of Contemplation

by kateri sparrow 


By providing words for thought and elevating what some might consider the mundane to sacred status I hope to foster a positive relationship with the Earth. Tying humans to the physical Earth as children of our Mother Earth via the sacred trail and its shrines will create a sense of unity. Learn more…

Seasons of the Midwest

by John Humphries


These ceramic pieces are based upon the Japanese notion of 72 seasons. My new pieces are trying to depict the passage of time in the Midwest by activities and phenomena rather than arbitrary dates. Included in my list of events are: The First Prediction of Snow, Harvesting of the Corn, The Last Mowing of the Year, The Geese Return, Peas Are Planted, or The Running of the Wiener Dogs.  Learn more…

Past Pieces:


by Amy Tuttle + Emily Farison
2020 – 2022

Our Space Between

by Marin Emanuel


21 Creatures

by Hannah Peacock + Andy Leytze


Local Support

by Mallory Feltz


Reclaimed by the Beast

by Jess Thayer


Earth Wish

by Julia Lipovsky


Camp Washington Lath Gongshi

by Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen


Trail Map

Click here or on the image below to download a map of Imago’s trails. You can find the location of each art installation on the map.