Ecovillage + Imago internship

Status: Accepting Applications for Summer 2020

General Description:

This dual internship will provide the unique opportunity to work both withingan urban ecovillage and a leading environmental education organization. The intern will live in the ecovillage, learning the ins and outs of life on an urban homestead. You will have the opportunity to assist with the maintenance of a homestead, work on various ecovillage projects, and work at Imago with the planning and implementation of land improvement and preservation. The intern will also have the optional opportunity to participate as an educator with Imago’s summer camps.

This is a great opportunity if you are interested in making our cities ecological places to live. For more information about the ecovillage, visit

Hours: 40 hours/week.

Compensation: Housing and $100/week

Schedule and Location:  Depending on availability, the internship would begin in either April or May and run until the end of September. 40 hours a week. The intern will contribute 20 hours/week to the ecovillage and 20 hours/week to Imago.



  • Gardening and food preservation
  • Clearing fence rows and controlling weeds
  • Straightening, painting, cleaning
  • Assisting with the Ecovillage podcast
  • Publishing and marketing book on the Ecovillage
  • Assisting Community Earth Alliance with its projects

Intern will contribute 20 hours/week as an Ecovillage intern.  It will be an opportunity to experience life in the Ecovillage and to learn from seasoned ecovillagers.


  • Work closely with Imago’s executive director to plan, prepare and carry out care of Imago’s gardens and natural areas
  • Design and implement improvements in our nature preserve
  • Work with other Imago staff to care for gardens and nature spaces at Imago’s partner schools
  • The intern could also have the opportunity to participate as an educator in our summer camps (optional)

Intern will contribute 20 hours/week to the program.



  • Comfortable working outdoors in hot, buggy, muggy, rainy or muddy situations, and in beautiful weather.
  • Responsible, self-driven and open to working with a team but also on your own.
  • Interested in learning about alternative lifestyles based on a love for Earth.
  • Interested in learning about the Ecovillage.
  • Computer Skills
  • Be willing to undergo a Criminal Background Check

To Apply:

Send resumes to Jim Schenk,

Download full job description