The Imago labyrinth

The Imago labyrinth was installed in 2013 with the guidance and wisdom of several Imago founding members including Joyce Quinlan, Eileen Schenk, Dinah Devoto, Pam Rolandelli, Deborah Jordan, Bill Cahalan, Pat Dolan, and Rob Monteserin. Imago’s labyrinth is set back into a cozy copse of trees. When you are standing there, you feel surrounded by nature even though you are not far from Imago’s education building.. It’s a great place to sit and fully experience nature, or to practice a walking meditation.

Imago’s labyrinth is ‘unicursal’ meaning that it is meant to be walked in one direction. The walking path is wood chipped and the “walls” are made from groundcovers (grass and wintercreeper) mown low to the ground.


So…what is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a winding path that folds and turns inward to center. The use of labyrinths for walking meditation and for rituals date back 4,000 years. A walk on the labyrinth is a place to meditate, find center (both literally and figuratively), and is a unique way to experience nature. Labyrinths are rich in metaphors of journeying (as one walks) and going inward (as one moves to the center of the labyrinth). 

 There is no one right way to walk the labyrinth. When you walk it you can focus on your body and your breaths, or focus fully on your steps. You can focus on the natural sounds and smells that surround you. Or you can simply enjoy a walk in the woods that feels secluded and still.