Being green is hard, don’t go it alone, join Imago and the community of people who are excited to make green choices.

Each quarter, we focus on a sustainability theme that will help us all live greener lives. The themes feature different resources, events, and challenges to help encourage us to make more sustainable choices.

Focusing on a theme allows us to take a deep dive into topics that might seem overwhelming. We believe there is no right or wrong place to be on a sustainability journey, we provide resources for beginners and experts alike and strive to build a strong community of folks who want to live more sustainable lives. Explore our previous themes below…

Reducing Waste Swaps

Visit our searchable database for ways you can easily swap out those items you are finding most commonly in your trash. We present a variety of options so you can find the solution that works best for you right now.

Explore Our Sustainability Themes and Resources: 

Curbing Consumerism

Welcoming Wildlife

Reducing Waste

Climate Change: From Anxiety to Action

Nature Rx