This spring at Imago, we’re focusing on reducing waste. We are going to feature changes we can all make right now to begin living low-waste lives–no fancy equipment required.

This page is the hub for all our blogs, resources, events, and links to articles we’ve found helpful. Basically, anything we’ve created or found that we think will be useful to anyone coming on this waste reduction journey with us will live here.

Being green is hard, don’t go it alone, join Imago and the community of people who are excited to make green choices. It’s easier, less lonely, and more fun. Let’s do this together!

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Reducing Waste Swaps

Visit our searchable database for ways you can easily swap out those items you are finding most commonly in your trash. We present a variety of options so you can find the solution that works best for you right now.


The 5 Rs of Reducing Waste

You are probably familiar with the Three Rs of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The zero waste movement expands that list of three to five, adding “Refuse” and “Rot.” Here are some of our favorite resources and articles if you want to take a deeper dive into any of the 5 Rs:


Trash Audits

We think the best place to being a reducing waste journey is to look at what kind of stuff you throw away most. Check out some of the “trash audits” people in our Imago community have shared. It’s pretty easy to do an audit: just throw away your trash as usual for a week and then open up the trash bag and see what you have inside. Check out the end of this blog post for more tips. 

Trash Audit #1

Single Person Household

Trash Audit #2

Family of 4

Trash Audit #3

Two Person Household