We want you to make getting outside part of your daily routine!  The Nature Rx theme will feature creative and simple ways to incorporate more outdoor time into your life so you can reap the health and wellness benefits that come with spending more time in nature.

This page is the hub for all things Nature Rx. Our blogs and resources will live here. Explore the resources tabs below if you want to learn more about the importance of spending time outside and the ways you can easily fit daily connections with nature into your life.

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Nature Rx Challenge

Looking for new ways to tap into the health and wellness benefits of nature? Check out the Nature Rx Challenge! We put together 13 weeks of challenges to encourage you to spend more time outside.


nature rx

 Check out the resources below to learn more about the science behind the wellness benefits of nature as well as articles featuring ideas for getting outside daily.

Spending more time outside is good for you!

Equity and nature. When you are connecting with nature, we think it is important to consider how your experience might be different if you were a black or brown person. Everyone should feel welcome in nature, but, unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Why to Exercise Outdoors


Walking + Hiking

  • City Hiking Is What We Need Right Now: How to Get Started | Don’t have easy access to trails? No worries, there are ways to hike no matter where you live!
  • All Trails | Use this interactive map to find hiking trails near you! You can even save trail maps to your phone!
  • Gear List & How-To | New to hiking? Here’s some tips and gear ideas to have a successful hike!
  • The 52 Hike Challenge | It’s pretty simple–challenge yourself to take a hike once a week for a year!
  • Stair Wandering in Cincinnati | Consider checking out some of the many staircases built throughout Cincinnati if you want to explore the city in a new way.
  • Art Climb | Climb this newly opened set of stairs at the Cincinnati Art Museum to get your body moving and to take in some beautiful outdoor scultures!
  • Why don’t you see more hikers of color in America’s great outdoors?
  • Unlikely Hikers | “Unlikely Hikers is a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the underrepresented outdoorsperson. We’re an Instagram community, a nationwide hiking group and a podcast!”
  • Fat Girls Hiking | “Fat Girls Hiking is fat activism, body liberation & outdoor community. We want to take the shame and stigma out of the word FAT and empower it. Our motto, Trails Not Scales focuses on Self Care in the outdoors.”
  • Outdoor Afro | “Where Black People and Nature Meet” There are currently no Outdoor Afro leaders or events in Cincinnati, but check out the page to learn more about getting involved.
  • LatinXHikers | “LatinXhikers is a community dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors through digital story-telling and community outreach.”
  • #WeHikeToHeal | “Our mission is to encourage women everywhere to tap into the healing powers within themselves, each other, and Mother Nature.”


Naturalism 101

Citizen Science

  • What is Citizen Science? | SciStarter explains what citizen science is and how you can get started doing citizen science projects in your neighborhood!
  • Become a Citizen Scientist | Are you or your family interested in becoming citizen scientists? Check out ways you can start helping with projects today!

Wildlife Guides

Explore what’s around you! If you don’t live near a forest or hiking trail there are tons of ways to still connect with nature!



Blog Posts:

Nature Rx Round-Up

Nature Rx Round-Up

This fall, we launched our latest sustainability theme: Nature Rx. We chose this theme because we knew that people might be feeling stressed during this whirlwind of a year and could probably use some mindful time outside. The goal of the Nature Rx theme was to share...

Introducing Nature Rx

Introducing Nature Rx

You probably know that spending more time outdoors has a positive impact on mental health, but, if you’re anything like me, you might be struggling to make getting outside a priority. Well, Imago is hoping to counteract that struggle with our latest sustainability...