The last in our series of favorite Imago moments for 2018. Look for Mo’s story of running her first sit spot, Chris’s story of a wild cave adventure, Bob’s story of collecting nature stories at MITW, and Devin’s giant honeysuckle story from the Honeysuckle Hunt.

My favorite Imago moment from 2018 is the feeling I had when I saw the newly-remodeled kitchen for the first time.  I was overwhelmed by pride and loved thinking about how far our organization has come and all the wonderful, dedicated people who make Imago such a beautiful place to be.

In true Imago fashion, the whole project was owned and executed by so many Imago lovers.  Individuals took time to find the cabinets, stove, and refrigerator at second-hand reuse stores. Others took time to shop for the countertops, sink and new faucet. And finally, many hours were spent installing and rebuilding the kitchen into a beautifully functional space where we can gather with food and friendship.  I’m proud of the fact that Imago walked it’s talk, by making sure that so much of the kitchen was from reused sources. The refrigerator, island, cabinets, dishwasher, stove, and sink were all previously owned.

It was a true family and friend effort and that is at the heart of what Imago stands for and lives each and every day.