Reusing Bottles

Easy: Refilling Bottles

Since these are bottles, they are recyclable, but there is an option that will reduce the amount of oil and vinegar bottles you have to buy.

Stores will larger bulk sections often have a place to fill your own oil and vinegar bottles (I know Clifton Market and Fresh Thyme in Newport definitely have this option). They have plastic containers there you can use and then just wash and reuse again and again, or you can bring an old oil/vinegar bottle (or any other empty container) you have and refill that.

Tip #1: In order to not be charged for the price of your container, you can weigh your empty container on a scale in the bulk section (if there is one) or ask a cashier to weigh it on their scale. Write down that weight, called the tare weight, somewhere on the container in permanent marker and let cashiers know what the tare weight of your container is and they can subtract it from the price.

Tip #2: If you choose to bring your own container, make sure you remove any labels so you don’t confuse the cashiers.

Last updated on May 12, 2020
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