Hand Soap

Waste Status

Bottles are recyclable curbside. Lid and pumps are not recyclable curbside.


EASY: Bar Soap

A lot of folks think that bar soap is a hotbed for germs and is not an as effective as liquid soap, but that is simply not true. There are many studies that have proven the effectiveness of bar soap and that any germs that may live on the bar don’t make it to your hands because the bacteria washes away with the soap. People also tend to use much less soap when they use bar soap, making it more economical for you to buy. And, from an environmental perspective, “calculations show that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is about 25% greater than that of bar soap.” There are tons of local companies that make bar soap so definitely pick up a bar from a local shop next time you need some soap.

Medium: Make your own liquid hand soap

If you really prefer liquid soap, you can always make your own and refill soap dispensers you already have. Here is a super easy recipe for making soap at home. 

Last updated on May 11, 2020
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