Garbage Bags

This one is a toughie that might get overlooked. We need to put our garbage somewhere, so how do we make sure the bag we use isn’t adding to the waste we produce.

Waste Status:

Plastic garbage bags are no recyclable curbside. Don’t ever include a garbage bag in your recycling bin even if it contains recyclables, it can jam machines and lead to your recycling being tossed into the trash. All recycling must be loose in the recycling bin.



EASY: Use a recycled plastic bag

Use a bag made out of recycled plastic. These can be found at any grocery/convenience store. You’ll still be throwing away a plastic bag, but at least it was made from reused plastic.

Medium: Biobags

Use a biobag. These are slightly more expensive than a traditional plastic trash bag, but they are able to biodegrade. That being said, they definitely won’t completely biodegrade for a very long time, but in theory they do break down faster than a plastic garbage bag does.

Hard: Reusable Garbage Bag

Purchase a reusable garbage bag. I have no experience with these, but there are options available. They come in different sizes, are machine washable, and claim to be anti-bacterial.

Hard: Don’t Use a Bag at All

Either throw your garbage right into the bin or line it with newspaper/brown paper bags. This will force you to really think about what you’re throwing away (and will probably mean you have to clean your trash can more often).

Last updated on May 11, 2020
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