Tea Bag Waste Status:

Some are biodegradable/compostable, check package for details.


Tea Bag Package Waste Status:

Most are made from lined paper and therefore not recyclable. (Tip: if they have any sort of lining or look slightly shiny, they are not recyclable)



EASY: Reusable Bags and Loose Leaf Teas

 Churchill’s Fine Teas has locations at Rookwood Commons and at Findlay Market. They sell loose leaf tea which you just need a tea strainer to enjoy. When you buy tea at Churchill’s, they give it to you in a plastic bag. You can clean and reuse those bags, or you can bring your own reusable, sealable bag to purchase your tea in.

Easy: Tea Strainers

There are all kinds of tea strainers available! You can get a super standard one like the strainer pictured above or there are fun novelty strainers as well if you want something that will make you smile.

Last updated on May 12, 2020
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