Keep reusing what you already have instead of buying new. If you are getting bags and boxes every year why not just keep what you get from past years to reuse again and again! Maybe you really enjoy wrapping your presents. Wrapping paper does not need to be something you buy in rolls, you can use recyclable items you already have such as newspaper, magazines, and paper grocery bags. Turning paper grocery bags inside out and cutting them into flat pieces creates a beautiful brown wrapping paper.

Shop Secondhand

Many thrift stores have new gift wrap for sale that others have donated when cleaning out their closets. Keep this unused gift wrap out of the landfill by shopping at your local thrift stores. Local reuse stores such as Indigo Hippo, and Scrap it Up also carry an abundance of wrapping paper and gift bags!

Reusable Items

Why not wrap a gift with a gift? Blankets, scarves, stockings, reusable grocery bags, and tote bags are all great options for wrapping presents! Fabric scraps are another great option for wrapping presents. Opt for fabric you already have or buy fabric secondhand. Add a small card with ideas to continue to reuse the fabric so the gift receiver knows how to keep using the wrap over and over again.


Host a gift-wrapping party with friends and use up all the wrapping supplies everyone has lying around! You may be surprised how much stuff everyone can come up with together to wrap your presents! If you don’t wish to host a get-together simply reach out to friends and family for wrapping paper, or gift bags they want to get rid of. Or join your neighborhood buy-nothing group and you may find some great gift wrap for free.

No Wrap

The box your present came in is good enough! Add some decor to the box with reusable ribbon or compostable twine. Pine branches,  eucalyptus twigs, and dried grass are another way to add some decor to your packages. These can then serve as decor in a vase and can be composted when the gift receiver is finished with them.  If you have ink and stamps, that is also a great way to decorate your boxes!