Thanksgiving is almost here and although the holiday is about being thankful and spending time with loved ones, a holiday this big can cause one to feel that everything needs to be perfect. Luckily, our city is filled with amazing local businesses who can help you provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Additionally, if you do like to go above and beyond and add some extra decor to your table scape here are some tips on shopping secondhand! We hope these tips will help you to have a more local and sustainable Thanksgiving.

Local Turkeys

There are a variety of local farms in the Cincinnati area that raise Turkeys! Why not support a local small business and enjoy a fresh Turkey this year. Below is a list of some area Turkey Farms and links to their websites.

Tewes Farm

This family run farm in Erlanger, Kentucky raises around 3,000 free-range turkeys a year. They also have chickens and eggs for sale year round.

Valley View Turkey Farm

Located in Liberty Township, Valley View Turkey Farm has been a family run turkey farm for 85 years. They raise around 1,000 free-range turkeys for the holiday season.

Bowman Landes

Bowman Landes in New Carlisle has raised free range turkeys since 1948. They offer raw, cooked, and smoked turkeys for purchase at their store and in other retail locations in Ohio as well as a few other states.

Johnson Poultry Farms

Johnson Poultry Farms in Wilmington has been family run for four generations. They raise free range turkeys and chickens. You can pick up your turkey at the farm, or at select local Kroger stores.

Local To-Go Meals

If you are not interested in cooking your Thanksgiving meal, you could purchase an already made meal from a local business. 365Cincinnati has a list of area restaurants with meal packages. The businesses with a turkey emoji are local restaurants! In addition, Findlay Market has several vendors that have fresh turkeys, cooked turkeys, vegan turkeys, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts. This is a great options if you would like to plan your own thanksgiving menu with help from a few local shops.


Look at your local thrift store for fall decor! Thrift stores usually put out decor to match the season and sometimes will keep it out year round. Tablecloths and table runners are also popular in thrift stores and could make the meal feel more like a special occasion. Something with fall colors and not thanksgiving related would also be great to use year round. Another great tip for new-to-you decor is to ask friends and family if they have any old decor they do not want. Swapping is a good way to get something new that a friend was getting rid of anyway.


Thrift stores always have a variety of plate sets if you want something a little fancier for the holiday, there is no need to buy new!  If you are hosting a friendsgiving and have more friends than you do dishes, don’t be afraid to ask them to BYOP (bring your own plate) in the name of sustainability. If you’re having a huge crowd and you do want something disposable, opt for a more environmentally friendly option such as aluminum cups that are easy to recycle. Or just use the stack of paper plates that have been in the back of your cabinet for years.


If you are looking for an activity to keep the kids entertained while the adults are watching football, check out Indigo Hippo, Scrap It Up, or the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub for craft supplies to make their annual turkey handprint! These reuse craft centers also typically put out current holiday themed craft items to get you inspired to create for the season.