Our spring sustainability theme was all about Welcoming Wildlife. The goal of this theme was to help people turn their outdoor spaces into mini-havens for our animal and plant neighbors. 

During this theme, we shared information in a few different ways. We created a resource hub where we added tons of articles and resources about the many different ways to create wildlife-friendly outdoor spaces. On the hub, you can find advice on everything from certifying your yard as wildlife habitat to learning how to live in harmony with garden pests. Check out the Welcoming Wildlife Hub at imagoearth.org/welcoming-wildlife. 

We also wrote bi-weekly blog posts that took an in-depth look at a variety of Welcoming Wildlife topics. We covered the importance of biodiversity, alternatives to turfgrass lawns, and even had the chance to interview two local experts who provided us with some practical rainwater harvesting tips. You can check out all the Welcoming Wildlife blog posts here. 

In addition to the blog posts, we created some infographics that featured bite-sized Welcoming Wildlife tips and resources.

In them we explored planting ideas for different garden locations, best bird feeding practices, different types of insect repellent, and even featured some misunderstood wild neighbors like the little brown bat. You can see all those infographics and more in the “Resources” section of the Welcoming Wildlife Hub

One of the coolest things to come out of the Welcoming Wildlife theme was the launch of our Green at Home Facebook group. We created the group as a place for people to ask questions and share resources about how to be more sustainable in daily life. Can you recycle that butter tub? How high should you build your raised bed? Where’s the best place to find a used bike in your neighborhood? Questions like those can’t always be answered with a quick Google search, so why not ask a community of folks who also want to make sustainable choices in their day to day lives! Larger scale sustainability topics are important, but the Green at Home group was created as a place for us to ask questions and share resources about being sustainable in our daily lives. You can learn more about the group and join here.

Thanks to all those who went on this Welcoming Wildlife Journey with us! Have ideas for our next sustainability theme? Submit them here or send Mo Curran an email at mcurran@imagoearth.org.