The recent and ongoing theme at Imago has been our commitment to adjust to the pandemic by being creative, innovative, and adaptable. This spirit has led to an incredibly fruitful spring of outdoor projects and improvements. Even with the right spirit, you need people to help you carry out plans and dreams. Well thankfully, we’ve had a great community of volunteers that have made this spring so fruitful.

As of writing we’ve already had 138 volunteers give over 350 hours of service to Imago.

Our volunteers have come from all over, with volunteers representing Mount Saint Joseph University, the University of Cincinnati, the Community of Reason, Xavier University and Saint Xavier High School, among many others.


Volunteers have……….

  • Built a bird watching area at our partner school, the Academy of World Languages
  • Fixed several problem spots on our Hackberry Hills and Found Home Loop Trails
  • Worked side by side with artists during art installations
  • Weeded and planted at our Pleasant Ridge Montessori School Garden
  • Built a Bug Hotel
  • Started hundreds of plants for our many gardens
  • Installed several new trail marker posts
  • And many other projects

A big thank you to our volunteers for all the hard work and enthusiasm that they’ve given this spring. Imago is a better place because of our volunteers – not only for the work that they provide but also for the community, dedication, humor, and creativity that they bring to us every time they are here. Three cheers for volunteers!