Hello friends and happy almost Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all of you and want to share a new project we are getting off the ground at Imago. For the next few months, we are going to be focusing on consumerism. We want to educate ourselves and any of you wonderful people who want to join us about the environmental consequences of consumerism and how we can all take steps to become more responsible consumers. Starting on a sustainability journey isn’t easy, especially this time of year when consumerism is forced in our faces, but we have some exciting posts and resource guides planned with the goal to make us all more conscious consumers.

The fun kickoff event for this theme is happening this Friday with our 5th Annual Plaid Friday Hike! Rather than driving around the mall or ordering things online, we will spend our Black Friday dressed in plaid, taking a long, urban hike along the beautiful Ohio riverfront.

Our stylish Plaid Friday crew from a few years back.

Whether you are just curious about curbing your consumerism or are a seasoned pro, there will be something here for you. Events like the Plaid Friday Hike allow us to come together and have fun while chatting with like-minded folks about questions we might have or resources we might know about. Throughout the winter, we have a few other events planned within the vein of mindful consumerism, namely our Upcycled Holidays Workshops (at West Side Brewing on Thursday, December 5 and at Imago on Sunday, December 15).

In addition to these events, you can look forward to seeing blog posts, resource guides, challenges, and personal sustainability updates from the staff at Imago to help supplement your own sustainability journey. We already have resources planned that will provide information about the environmental effects of holiday shopping as well as a resource guide to sustainable/upcycled holiday gifts and gift wrap, and there is much more still to come. 

Let’s work together to become more conscious consumers this holiday season and then (hopefully) forever.

We would love to hear your questions, concerns, ideas, feedback in regards to consumerism, and we hope you stick around to come on this sustainability journey with us!