Imago recently hosted two fun volunteer events that led to wonderful improvements to our forest habitat. On 11/3 we hosted a wonderful day of Interfaith Service. We’ve been fortunate to be an ongoing part of this group for several years. Over 60 teen volunteers from the Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, and Lutheran communities joined us for an afternoon of tree planting and dialogue.This group was joined by another 20 volunteers organized by an Elder High School alum. Together this mighty force planted over 40 trees on our preserve in just two hours. Our service day ended with hanging out, songs and pizza.

The following weekend (11/9) we hosted our Second Annual Great Honeysuckle Hunt. The Honeysuckle Hunt is a trophy hunt, not for wild game, but rather for bush honeysuckle. Teams of volunteers went out in our preserve in search of the biggest honeysuckle they could find. They were tasked with bringing in their “kill” (roots and all) using only hand tools and hard work. Teams were scored on the collective circumference of the top three honeysuckle bushes that they “caught”. Since the teams had to dig up the roots, we know the honeysuckle that they hunted won’t be coming back. In all we had 6 teams and they brought in 20 hefty honeysuckle bushes.

We are so grateful to all of our awesome volunteers. So far this year volunteers have given over 1300 hours – all of them valuable and appreciated. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering and being a part of the mighty crew that makes our forest healthy.