Anyone who’s been to Music in the Woods will tell you that it’s way more than just music (although, that part is pretty special). There’s a great silent auction, amazing food, beer and wine, and fun happenings for young and old. Here are some things you can look forward to when there’s a break in the music.

Art in the Woods

Each year, we feature an artist whose work deals with themes of nature and sustainability. We are excited to have Keith Benjamin as our Artist in the Woods this year. We love that Keith’s work references closed systems where things are neither created or destroyed, but rather change form (like a forest!). See how Keith uses out-grown clothing, damaged furniture, obsolete technology, and a variety of traditional recyclables, and gives them a new form.

You can read Keith’s bio and artist statement below and also check out his website –

Keith’s Artist Statement:

In a closed system, nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes form. In my creative practice, my home life is the closed system. Everything that exists in my home eventually passes through the studio. Out-grown clothing, damaged furniture, obsolete technology, and a variety of traditional recyclables, must be processed. Materials and objects are continuously assessed for their relative value. Through a process of obsessive collecting, arranging, rearranging, disassembling, and re-assembling, familiar materials offer a new perspective the daily essentials of food, shelter, and optimism.

and Bio:

Keith Benjamin is a sculptor living and working in the Cincinnati region. His artistic practice is and ongoing process of re-valuing and re-arranging the objects and materials from his home. Keith is a Professor of Sculpture at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where he also serves as the chairperson of the Studio Arts Department.

Nature Guys

Bob and Bill are the Nature Guys, two guys that love to talk about and share the wonders of nature. Usually Bob and Bill share their stories and knowledge on their podcast, but we are lucky to have them at Music in the Woods. Not only will Bill and Bob share their nature knowledge with you, they’ll be collecting YOUR favorite nature encounter. Several of these encounters will make it to a future episode of the Nature Guys Podcast.

Pones Inc.

We are so excited to have Pones, Inc. at Music in the Woods this year. Pones is a fun modern dance organization with an exciting vision and amazingly talented dancers, (including Imago’s very own board member, Amy Tuttle). We’ve long been a fan of theirs and we jumped at the opportunity for them to bring a Pones performance to Music in the Woods. This special interactive MITW performance will inspire you to move and create altars that celebrate the setting sun and the nature around you.

Family Activities

Once again we’ll have several of our favorite camp games and activities for families (until about sunset). Get ready to explore, create, and play some of our best activities from this last year’s summer camps.

AND… keep in mind that our very first musician, Andyman Hopkins plays music especially for young ones – so come early and enjoy his performance.