We had a great crowd at our 3rd Annual Plaid Friday hike on 11/24. Over 50 people, eschewed going shopping on “Black” Friday and came hiking instead. We started at Lydia’s on Ludlow and wound our way through Clifton’s streets and parks. On our hike we visited Mt. Storm and it’s views of the city, Burnet Woods for sliding down the concrete slide, and Rawson Woods – a Cincinnati Park that is normally closed to the public.

The Plaid Friday tradition started three years ago, inspired by our friends at REI who decided to close their stores on “Black” Friday and ask people to #optoutside instead. Our friend Danny Korman, store owner of Park + Vine, closed Park + Vine that day and we led one of our urban hikes instead. A tradition was born.

A big thanks to REI for starting the movement, and for helping us promote and co-lead this year’s event. Keep an eye out for future Imago-led urban hikes in 2018. We have a tentative one scheduled in the springtime through Northside and we’ll definitely be doing a Plaid Friday Hike #4 in November.

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