Artist Statement:

As humans we often anthropomorphize things in order to gain a connection with these non-human elements.  When we recognize our Mother Earth as the ultimate Mother who unites us all and give her a place of respect, humans may learn to respect each other and themselves in the process.  By providing words for thought and elevating what some might consider the mundane to sacred status I hope to foster a positive relationship with the Earth.  Tying humans to the physical Earth as children of our Mother Earth via the sacred trail and its shrines will create a sense of unity.

Gratitude to the donors and volunteers who helped make the trail of contemplation happen.

Plant donations:

Keystone Flora
Judy Ganance
Ed and Eileen Frechette-Guetfreund

Volunteer Labor:
Chris Clemmons
Young Men of St. X
Tom and Geralyn sparough
Lisa Haglund
Demarcus Prather

Artistic support:
John Humphries
Sarah Torgison

Photo Gallery

Meet the artist:

kateri sparrow

kateri sparrow

Kateri Sparrow seeks to mediate a conversation with our mother Earth and you.  She has a BFA from The University of Cincinnati, where she majored in sculpture with an emphasis in ceramics. She also studied environmental sciences and psychology. 

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