Artist Statement:

Our Space Between is a summoning portal in the fairy realm, and you are cordially invited.

Follow the fey trail markers to a garden within halo trees. Step inside the ring to travel to the land between time. Once you’re there, sing, dance, converse, and engage with the fairies.

The creator has made this install space fully designated and authorized for community play. Move and change the scene within the circle as you please! If you create any record of your visit, please share with the maker by tagging #ourspacebetween @imagoearth on Instagram.

The first round of this work was crafted during the beginning half of 2022. Local artist Marin Elise collected papers, plastics, and other forms of material waste from modern life. She then smashed, wrapped. and waterproofed the items into sustainable yard sculptures. By time the year long installation is through, she plans to fully transform at least 1,000 plastics water bottles, 1 crate of paper waste, and innumerable plastic bags. This is Marin’s first large scale outdoor application of her self-developed method Full Transformation Trash Art. She is excited to see where this pathway leads.

Our only way out is through actionable, creative, sustainable thinking.


Meet the artist:

Marin Emanuel

Marin Emanuel

My name is Marin (pronounced “mmm-air-n”). I pride myself on the fact that everything I do is informed by the Earth n Environment. My overarching mission in life is to encourage actionable contemplation of the climate crisis. I chose to make eco art incorporating materials based contemplations…loosely translating to I love making trash art! The discarded and forgotten items of humanity are my treasure troves for full transformation art approaches.

In addition to being an independent creator, I am an arts facilitator and nonprofit coordinator. I’ve led and assisted murals, gallery exhibitions, public event planning, private commissions, sculptural installations, and more across my home state Ohio and neighboring Northern Kentucky. I have five years of experience, gathered through traditional apprentice training and self-sought opportunities.

You can connect with me through Instagram @marin_emanuel. I love to debate, discuss, and expand my general understanding of the world through person to person connection. Reach out & chat with me!