Preserving Urban Greenspace

A 37 acre urban nature preserve that’s free and open to all

Why we preserve nature

Imago protects 37 acres, only 3 miles from downtown Cincinnati. Our belief is that nature should be a part of everyone’s lives. Time in nature makes us happier and healthier, less stressed and more creative. Our free nature preserve is a reflection of that commitment to make nature accessible to everyone. An easy walk, bike ride, bus ride, or car ride will get you here.

Protecting nature is also our commitment to our non-human neighbors. By protecting urban nature for wild plants and animals we are investing in a future that is not only good for the environment, but also for ourselves and our communities.

Imago started preserving urban greenspace in 1988 with a 7 acre parcel that was slated for development, at the end of Enright Avenue in the Price Hill neighborhood. Since that time we’ve been identifying and preserving parcels of undeveloped land. We’ve protected land with small acquisitions ever since then. Our latest acquisition came in 2013, at one acre, it brought us to our current total of 37 acres.

Each one of our acquisitions has been a collaborative effort with several partners, donors and supporters. Our nature preserve is not only for the community, but has also been made BY the community.

Be a part of it


Visit We are located at 700 Enright Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45205. We have just over a mile of trails and they are open for your enjoyment from dawn to dusk.

Volunteer Much of our land has had a rough past;it’s been cut, polluted, littered and is overrun with invasive plants. As a volunteer you’ll help to restore the land and maintain our preserve. One opportunity is our Helping Hands Saturdays, which typically take place on the second Saturday of the month, from 9:00 – 12:00. Contact us about other times and ways that you can volunteer.

Donate All of the land that we preserve and all the work to maintain the trails and restore nature, has been made possible by generous contributors. Consider making a donation that will be used to preserve more greenspace and to make our nature preserve a wonderful space for our human AND non-human neighbors.