Artist Statement:

This pebble mosaic takes inspiration from celestial energies in hopes of channeling them as a resource for visitors of this space. Located at the base of stone steps that were once someone’s home, Earth Wish is a spiraling shooting star intended to emphasize the magic of a space that has housed many creatures in its history. Just as one might wish upon a meteor, visitors of this installation are encouraged to pause momentarily and cast a wish out into the universe. By pulling attention to this space and tethering it to hope and intention, I wish to honor the history of this home and encourage a new era of fondness for it.

Each stone, gathered by the artist and Imago’s community of rock collectors, is charged with the intention of hope and abundance for those who encounter it. Some of the rocks have been in my collection for several years, others were given by friends, and many came to me through Indigo Hippo in a particularly serendipitous donation. In preparation for this piece, I spent many days in the creeks of Bender Mountain and alongside the Ohio River, feeling for smooth stones and steadily filling my bucket to return to Imago. Embedded in this piece is the memory of all the encounters I had along the way, the good fortune I experienced, and the places I occupied in this process. Earth Wish is a reminder of the power of the objects in our lives and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Meet the artist:

Julia Lipovsky

Julia Lipovsky

Julia Lipovsky is a multidisciplinary artist and educator living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work is playful, process-oriented, and often collaborative, drawing inspiration from folk art, mysticism, and walks in the woods. Affirmed by the notion that everyone is innately creative, Julia uses art-making as a vehicle for self-exploration and community building. She currently works as Storefront Manager for Indigo Hippo, a nonprofit creative reuse center, offering gently used art supplies at pay-what-you-can prices.

You can find more of Julia’s work on her website or Instagram (@julipovsky).