Artist Statement:

How can we find what we need with what we have?

21 creatures came to be out of necessity. The political climate of the past years mixed with a global pandemic did not make for a stable home. Divide was everywhere, physically separated from most everyone while craving connection and understanding; knowing I wasn’t alone… This project was dreamt as a way to engage and expand. Everyone who passes and interacts is a part of 21 creatures, for we all live in the year 21’, and are therefore creatures of it. We aim to be a reminder that everyday, every moment, we have the option to change how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.

By using everyday materials often viewed as ‘junk’, we explore the possibilities of what can happen when we rearrange the value assigned to an item’s worth.

Nesting Acorn is made of honeysuckle, (a widely available free product that we would love to see duplicated in all fashions) turned into a natural loom for us to weave our hopes and worries into. Both take up so much mental space and are too heavy for individuals to carry alone. However, there is no reason to, for we are not alone after all. Everyone is encouraged to weave into the acorn, allowing it to change and grow through time, as we are all meant to do.

The creatures are made of single use plastic bags and political signs as a way to show that we are more than one affiliation. No one thing can define any of us, and we hope to highlight the diversity and strength that can occur when we come together.

There is magic everywhere, just waiting for us to see there is more to this thing called life and what is available, especially when we come together collaboratively.

This project wouldn’t be possible without you and your countless volunteer hours, we are forever thankful for all your help. Special shout out to St. X boys and Sam who taught me about knots. Ya’ll made this as much as us- thank you!

Photo Gallery:

Meet the Artists:

Hannah Peacock

Hannah Peacock is an artist and storyteller who specializes in repurposing materials. She believes we can change the world when we alter an items worth and see beyond what we think, into the endless possibility of what is. You can check out more of her work on Instagram.

Andy Leytze

Andy Leytze is a woodworker and sculpture artist who enjoys turning found materials into something of value and use. You can check out more of his work on Instagram.