Imago has been offering youth education experiences for over 20 years. In that time, Imago has served tens of thousands of young people and has led countless hours of outdoor exploration.

Why are these experiences important?

Science is showing that time in nature is incredibly important to our health, happiness and wellness. When we spend time outdoors, we are less stressed, more creative, better learners, healthier and happier. Regular time in nature should be a part of every child’s life.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, we are spending less and less time in nature. This is especially true for people living in dense urban areas.

Through our youth education experiences, we are providing the benefits of time in nature, and while doing so we are providing high-quality, educational and civic experiences that support our students’ learning and will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Branching Out

Branching Out Partnerships with local schools and agencies are a full fleet of services and resources to create a vibrant outdoor education program AT your school.

Contact us to learn about our partnerships and learn how you can partner with us to add outdoor learning stations, lessons, materials, and other resources to your schoool site.

Summer Camps

Give your child the gift of a week (s) in nature. Each camp day is filled with exploration, hikes, games, art, creations and friends. Your child will make memories at camp that will last a lifetime. Learn about and register for our summer camps.

Outdoor Explorers Afterschool Programs

Outdoor Explorers meet weekly to learn about and explore nature at their school. Each week we learn about a new topic with hikes, games, and art!

Contact us to start an Outdoor Explorers program at your school.

Program Qualities

Ongoing and Regular
Our students participate in our programs on a regular basis, as opposed to infrequent “special” experiences.

We work closely with our partners to design and lead experiences that will enhance classroom education.

Easily Accessible
We want nature to feel familiar and close-by. We want our students to have a connection the outdoor areas that are close to them.

Hands On and Fun
All of our programs are designed to encourage hands-on exploration and inquiry.

Fostering Future Environmental Leaders
Our programs enhance a sense of community and leadership in our students. We are fostering the development of the next generation of green leaders.