Imago is turning 40!

For forty years, Imago has been an innovative leader in the environmental movement. Imago’s unique view of environmentalism, which recognizes that preserving and celebrating the natural world is not only about trees and animals, it’s about people too! Sustainability and connection enhance our natural systems, while also enhancing our own lives, and those of our families and communities.

40 Years, 40 Events

As a way to celebrate our 40th anniversary we are presenting 40 events that represent us. They range from hands-on workshops, thoughtful spiritual pursuits, art-filled endeavors, and active explorations. They are all fun and planned with community in mind. Not only will you learn and do new things – you’ll be surrounded by other incredible people as you do it.

Scroll down to see our 40 events. Click on links for more details and to register. If a program is not linked it’s because registration is not open (yet!).

Share your Imago Stories

We’d love to hear your stories of Imago. We’ll be sharing Imago memories and stories throughout the year. Have something to share? Give us a call (513) 921-5124, stop on by, or email us (

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#28September 21Fall Equinox Celebration
#29September 29OTR Upcycling Urban Hike
#30October 5thFirst Friday Conversation: Connecting to Nature
#31October 21stFall Open House with Abby Schnure
#32October 30thPOSTPONED -
Feast of Mourning
#33November 2ndFirst Friday Conversation: Composting for Regular People
#34November 4thCommunity Nature Day - Harvesting Art
#35November 10thHoneysuckle Harvest Competition
#36November 16thNature as a Gate to the Soul
#37November 23rdPlaid Friday Hike
#38December 7thFirst Friday Conversation
#39December 8thUpcycled Holidays
#40!!December 21stWinter Solstice Celebration

#7March 23rdSpring Equinox Celebration
#8March 30thCreative Reuse: Imago at Indigo Hippo
#9April 6thFirst Friday Conversation: Green Cleaning
#10April 7thNature Days: Happy Bird Day!
#11April 12thImago with the Nature Guys at Roads, Rivers, and Trails
#12April 15thRed Bud Blossom Celebration
#13April 22nd (Earth Day!)Spring Open House and Earth Day Scavenger Hunt
#14All of May (with special day on May 8th)Support Imago at Madtree Brewing
#15May 1stFeast of Joy
#16May 4thFirst Friday Conversation: Native Plants in our Garden
#17May 6thNorthside Urban Hike
#18May 12thWindows at West Side Brewing: A Premiere Upcycling Event
#19May 24thBranching Out Celebration
#20June 1stFirst Friday Conversation
#21June 9thCultivating Meaningful Work


#22June 22ndSummer Solstice Celebration
#23June 25thCheers to Charity at West Side Brewing
#24July 21stAdventure Camp for Adults
#25September 7thImago Amigos: MITW
#26September 12, 14 + 15MITW Volunteer Days
#27September 15Music in the Woods

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