An Imago program is an excellent way to enhance your classroom education. Our programs take place at our 16 acre urban nature preserve and use activities, hikes and explorations to make discoveries and learn. Students often tell us that Imago is their favorite field trip!
Half Day (1.5 hours)

Learn about the enormous world of insects while searching for them in the Imago woods. In this program we talk about insect bodies, communication, and what makes them significant in the world of invertebrates. As always, we will discuss what insects mean to humans and how we can respect them as part of our ecosystem.
Keywords: Adaptations, Anatomy, Communications, Insect, Invertebrates, Metamorphosis

Native American Overview
This program introduces Native American history in our region, specifically discussing the Shawnee Nation and how they lived 500-600 years ago. We will discuss how the Shawnee held celebrations as well as how they sheltered, clothed, and fed themselves by looking at Shawnee life through replica artifacts, hikes and activities.
Keywords: History, Native American, Pre-Colonial, Shawnee

Natural History Hike
Imago’s land has a very rich and diverse history. This program will take us on a discovery hike through our 16 acre educational nature preserve learning. Through exploration, opportunities for discovery and fun activities, students will learn about nature in our area and about ways that we can be good stewards of the natural world.
Keywords: Hike, Natural History, Local Species

Senses in Nature
Children and adults have very little time these days that they spend outside and soaking in our natural habitat. Take this opportunity to attune your senses on a hike through our 16 acres where we will do an observational sit spot, search for colors in nature, listen for bird song, use our touch to identify trees and even taste a natural treat.
Keywords: Attention, Ecology, Nature, Senses

Full Day (4 hours)

This comprehensive program is perfect for covering the myriad of topics related to ecology including food webs and chains, habitats, adaptations, endangered species and more.  With explorations, hikes and activities, we’ll learn how ecosystems work and ways that we can have a positive impact on them.
Keywords: Adaptations, Cincinnati, Ecology, Ecosystems, Food Webs Habitats, Natural History

Native American Comprehensive
Want a deeper dive into the history of the Native Americans around Cincinnati? This program covers all of the shorter Native American program topics and then some. We will discuss how the Shawnee Nation lived 500-600 years ago with the addition of a more activities, games and a deeper discussion of culture.
Keywords: Culture, History, Native American, Natural History, Pre-colonial, Shawnee

Two Half Day Programs
You can easily make a full day by combining two half day programs.

Interested in something else? Imago can often custom design a program to fit your preferred topic or program length. Just let us know when you contact us.

Imago offers two lengths of programs; Half Day and Full Day. We can sometimes custom design programs to meet your group’s needs.

Half Day

  • 1 ½ Hours (with an optional 1/2 lunch in our picnic area)
  • Programs available: Native American Overview, Insects, Senses, Nature Hike
  • Cost: $4/student; $80 minimum
    Want to spend the whole day with us? Pick two of our half day programs and have lunch in between!

Full Day:

  • 4 Hours includes 1/2 for lunch in our picnic area
  • Programs Available: Native American Comprehensive, Ecology, or any two Half-Day Programs.
  • Cost: $7/student; $140 minimum

Teachers, chaperones and other adults are free

To schedule a program simply contact us by:

If you call or email, provide as much info as you can about your group as well as the dates, times and programs you are interested in.

Once we hear from you, we’ll contact you to schedule and confirm your program.


What to expect at an Imago program?

Our programs emphasize being outside at our 16 acre nature preserve and feature hikes, explorations, activities and discovery. They are grounded in Imago’s root principles of stewardship, play, inquiry, intention and nature.

Each program is inspired by the excitement and curiosity of our students and you!

What is the cost for adults?

Teachers, chaperones and other adults are free!

Do your programs travel?

Typically not, but we can potentially bring a program to you. Contact us to see if it’s possible.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do offer limited, needs-based scholarships. They are limited to the cost of the program and do not include bus costs.