The Repair Fair is presented in partnership with Cincinnati Recyling & Reuse Hub, R3Source, and the City of Cincinnati. The event is graciously hosted by Madtree Brewing.
Repair Fair 2024

Repair Fair 2024

The Repair Fair is back!

Oh, no, did it break?! Thinking about trashing it? How about mending it instead?

Instead of sending your beloved to the landfill, bring it to the 4th Annual Repair Fair and see if it can be fixed. Thanks to our amazing volunteer fixers, you’ll have a chance to keep your items in your life, and keep trash out of the landfill. Join in a community of fixing instead trashing!

Don’t forget to register your fixes by clicking on the registration button. Registering ahead of time allows our fixers to prepare for the fixes in advance. Please try to include photos as well as make and model information. That extra bit of info, gives our fixers a leg up on your fix.

Collection Event!

For the second year in a row, Repair Fair partner, the Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub willl be helping to divert things from the landfill by collecting items for recycling and resuse. Bring the following items with you to the Repair Fair to get them recycled!

  • small general electronics (microwave-size and smaller)
  • batteries
  • bulbs
  • bike helmets (fabric straps and cushions removed, we can accept the hard plastic pieces of the chin strap)