Greetings! I'm Celeste Shumrick, a grateful resident of the Enright Community. I am a flower farmer + florist but have a passion for plants of all kinds. In an effort to take more care of my health and that of my children + family I dove into herbalism and have found so much medicine in the plants, both physical + spiritual!
Intro to Nourishment through Herbalism

Intro to Nourishment through Herbalism

Before modern medicines and scientific analysis of foods how did we heal and nourish ourselves? How can we support our everyday wellness in simple and effective ways?

In this class we will talk about the wealth of plants found all around us that can easily be integrated into our lives to help nourish our bodies and provide support. In a world of overwhelming information and different modalities for wellness- let’s keep it simple and start first with the plants we can easily find around us. Let’s see how we can work with them to make simple everyday infusions packed with vitamins, minerals, and immune supporting constituents!

We will take a brief walk, identify a few powerhouse plants, and make a few nourishing herbal infusions- inspired by the Wise Woman Tradition.