Owen Nyswonger ran the Outdoor School at REI Cincinnati from 2014-2019, during which time he taught thousands of people how to prepare for their life pursuits. He can help you get a fire started in the rain or get your family ready to go backpacking. As a passionate paddler, Owen has helped lead voyageur canoe expeditions on the Ohio River from Portsmouth to Louisville and never let the boat come untied. He loves empowering people with useful skills and firmly believes we can learn new things at any stage in life.
Can You Knot?
Ages 14 and up

Can You Knot?

Knowing some basic knots can go a long way towards making your outdoor experiences more enjoyable and efficient. You don’t have to be a Boy Scout to benefit from these basic knots. With Owen’s guidance we’ll learn knots that can help secure a tarp, tie to ropes together to make a longer rope, tie a heavy load to the roof of your car and more!
Topics covered:
  • Joining two lines together
  • Anchoring to an object
  • Making a line taut between two objects
  • Knot systems for heavy loads
Not covered:
  • Climbing knots
  • Hammocks
  • Hanging bear bags