8th Annual Plaid Friday Hike

Black Friday? More like, plaid Friday. Once again we’ll thumb our nose at wanton consumerism by moving our bodies in our beautiful city. Each year we pick a great urban route and head out together to explore, be in community, and enjoy the late fall weather.

Once again there are two routes to choose from – a morning easier route, and an afternoon advanced route.

Hike 1: The Beautiful River Route 9:30 – 12:00. This is a favorite route. We’ll hike along the Ohio River exploring Sawyer Point, Serpentine Wall, and northern Kentucky. We’ll cross three bridges and two rivers in this flat and gentle walk.
This route is appropriate for strollers. Approximately 4 miles

Hike 2:  The Price Hill Views Route – 1:00 – 4:00. This route will feature lots of Price Hill highlights. You’ll start by walking through Imago’s nature preserve. On our walk we’ll see many beautiful Price Hill buildings, go down a roadside that has been converted to a walking path and take in the city views that make Price Hill famous.
This route CAN be done with strollers, except for a short stretch on a trail, the route is paved and there are no stairs. This route does contain one significant climb. Approximately 3 miles.

8th Annual Plaid Friday Hike
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