Summer Camps 2019!

Trailrompers Camps (ages 4-6)

Join Imago for a week of fun nature camp. Each day we explore a new part of nature with activities, discovery, games, songs, arts and stories! Your little ones will have a blast hiking, discovering new stories and songs, and making friends.

Ages: 4 – 6
Times: Monday – Friday; 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $85

There are 4 Trailrompers camps (each one will have different themes and activities)

  • Trailrompers at PRM – June 24th – 28th (takes place at Pleasant Ridge Montessori)
  • Trailrompers #2 – July 8th – 12th
  • Trailrompers #3 – July 15th – 19th
  • Trailrompers #4 – July 22nd – 26th
Nature Explorers Camp (Ages 6 – 10)

Each week is a new theme that we will explore with hikes, games, and art-making. Campers will shape the camp community by working on the camp garden, helping to prepare the camp snack and inventing camp games.

Ages: 6 – 10
Times: Monday – Friday; 9:00 am – 3:00. Aftercamp is available for most weeks. See the aftercamp section for details
Cost: $150

    Our first camp of the summer is for everyone who likes to build, invent and create. Campers will build forts, trails, animal habitats and invent cool new solutions to help wildlife.

    June 10 – 14
    9:00 – 3:00
    Ages 6 – 10
    Aftercamp IS available for this week

    Nature Camp at PRM! Each day features a new focus as we learn about and explore the nature at Pleasant Ridge Montessori. Each day is filled with time in the garden and the naturescape and lots of fun activities such as fort building, nature games, and garden work.

    June 24 – 28
    9:00 – 3:00
    Ages 6 – 10
    Aftercamp is NOT available for this week
    Please note this camp takes place at Pleasant Ridge Montessori

    Each day a new creature that can be found at Imago. Spend the week looking for and learning about snakes, lizards, hawks, and other amazing forest denizens. Campers will also work together to improve the habitats for each of our featured creatures.

    July 8 – 12
    9:00 – 3:00
    Ages 6 – 10
    Aftercamp IS available for this week

    Part escape room, part detective mystery and all fun. Each day campers will work together to look for clues, solve puzzles, interpret maps, and go on exciting quests. Level up your camper on Quest Week!

    July 15 – 19
    9:00 – 3:00
    Ages 6 – 10
    Aftercamp IS available for this week

    This wild camp will have campers learning all sorts of new outdoors skills to practice living in the wild. Campers will build forts, start fires, throw spears, and track wildlife. Each day will feature a new outdoor skill and challenge.

    July 22 – 26
    9:00 – 3:00
    Ages 6 – 10
    Aftercamp IS available for this week

    Adventure Camps (ages 10 – 15)

    The ultimate Imago camp. Each day our campers head out (by van or bus) to explore a new natural wonder in our region. Camps feature kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, caving and a whole lot more.

    Ages: 10 – 15
    Times: Monday – Friday; 9:00 am – 3:00. The AC Overnight has a two night overnight (Weds + Thurs). Aftercamp is only available for the 7/22-26 week. See the aftercamp section for details

      The Imago favorite is back! Featuring a two night overnight in the wilds of Kentucky. Includes caving, kayaking, and lots of hiking and exploring.

      June 17 – 21
      9:00 – 3:00 (overnight on Weds + Thurs)
      Ages 10 – 15
      Aftercamp is NOT available for this week

      Join Imago for a week of nature adventures. Each day campers will hop in the camp van to go canoeing, rock climbing, orienteering and more.

      June 24 – 28
      9:00 – 3:00
      Ages 10-15
      Aftercamp is NOT available for this week

      All the fun of Adventure Camp but on a bus. Your camper will learn how to navigate the bus and streetcar system and find little known gems in our region. Splashing in water parks, treasure hunts, and secluded urban preserves – by the end of the week your camper will be ready to lead you on a city adventure.

      July 22 – 26
      9:00 – 3:00
      Ages 10-15
      Aftercamp IS available for this week


      Aftercamp is available some of the camp weeks to provide flexibility for families and to give campers more time at Imago. Aftercampers are led by two Imago counselors and get to extend the fun of camp!

      Ages: 6 – 15 (not available for Trailrompers)
      Times: Monday – Friday; 3:00 – 5:30. 
      Cost: $75/week

      • Aftercamp #1 – 6/10 – 6/14
      • Aftercamp #2 – 7/8 – 7/12
      • Aftercamp #3 – 7/15 – 7/19
      • Aftercamp #4 – 7/22 – 7/26
      For more information

      Have a question or comment that’s not addressed? Give us a holler. You can call us at (513) 921-5124, or email us at

      What makes an Imago camp special?

      Our camps tap into the power of nature to shape young lives and create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

      Our camps emphasize being outside and feature activities that are not common in everyday life. From hiking to working on a garden, each day is full of new experiences that tap into children’s natural affinity for the outdoors.

      Campers will learn new skills in natural history, outdoor recreation, sustainability, and outdoor survival.

      Our camps are not just a collection of campers, but rather a community. From chores, to inventing games, to making snacks, our camps are designed so that campers can be a part of a thriving camp community.  

      Camper Led:
      Finally, we believe that the best camps are the ones that the campers help to shape and create. Our camps intentionally have time for camper led inquiries, games and activities.

      Is there a way to see a schedule for the whole summer?

      Yep! Here’s one.

      Where do Camps Take Place?

      Most camps take place at Imago’s 16 acre urban nature preserve, just 5 minutes west of downtown Cincinnati. One week of camps (6/24-6/28) are based at Pleasant Ridge Montessori School.

      What are the camper to counselor ratios?

      Each camp has a 6 to 1 camper to counselor ratio.

      What are the counselors' qualifications?

      Each counselor is First Aid/CPR trained and certified. Counselors also must pass a criminal background check, and are extensively trained in Imago’s education standards and policies.

      Are there scholarships available?

      There are limited scholarships available. If you have questions about scholarship, send us an email at and we can provide more information.

      What if I need to cancel?

      First, we would like to encourage you to simply move to another camp so your camper can have the experience of summer camp. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please call or email us.

      – If you cancel with more than 30 days till the camp start date, then you will receive a full refund
      – 15-30 days until the camp start date – 50% refund
      – 2 weeks prior to start of camp – NO REFUND