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Started in 1978 by two social workers, Imago is an ecological education organization that is rooted in the concept that living in harmony with the natural world is not only good for the planet, but good for ourselves, our families and our communities. Through our preservation of urban nature, our hands-on green workshops, and our education programs for youth, Imago is fostering an exciting, sustainable future that benefits us all.

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Anti-Racism and Imago

Anti-Racism and Imago

To our Imago community:  This month has been full of intense emotional feelings--those of pain, anger, and passion. We have been deeply saddened not only by numerous instances of police brutality, but also by the grim reminder that racism and injustice are...

Reducing Waste Community Challenge Week 1

Reducing Waste Community Challenge Week 1

We kicked off our Reducing Waste Challenge last Friday. For the first week, we challenged participants to do a trash audit. Here are some of our main takeaways: Plastic packaging is a big problem. "I'm surprised at the large amount of waste from food packaging." This...

Trash Audit #3

Trash Audit #3

TRASH AUDIT STATS: . NAME: Adrian Hawk . LIVING SITUATION: Adrian + Nathan + a Baby Hawk on the way (this will explain some of the embarrassing trash!!!) + 2 Cats, Stanley & Stella . WASTE THAT SHOWED UP THE MOST?: Plastic wrappers, food stickers, gum + wrappers...

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