Imago is incredibly blessed to have an amazing crew of humans (and T-Rex, the dog) to provide the direction, wisdom, energy, time, passion, and humor that makes us go. As the calendar turns to a new year, it’s a natural time of transition and transitions are taking place at Imago…


Lynn Lorio – Board Member
Lynn is a dear friend who I was lucky to meet through our days as local Couchsurfers. Lynn is THE most organized person I know and she can do magic with spreadsheets. She also has an amazing green thumb. Lynn was instrumental in adding more structure to our Music in the Woods event and in particular in recruiting, organizing and managing volunteers. Lynn also led workshops on making upcycled planters and terraria at Imago.

Rebecca Gormley – Outdoor Educator
Rebecca is my sister in law, but before you cry “NEPOTISM”, know that she is an extremely experienced outdoor educator and we were lucky that she brought those skills with her to Imago for the few months that she was in the area. Rebecca helped Imago create and lead lessons especially for our youngest participants. She also led the charge with the first phase of the Playscape at Imago, and she has put her artistic talents on display through cards, maps, and other fun touches throughout Imago.

Hannah Ward – Outdoor Educator
Hannah came to Imago with fresh eyes, never having led outdoor education programs but with a passion for the outdoors, sustainability and a natural gift for working with youth. We recognized Hannah’s skills quickly and just continued to give her more responsibilities. She organized our libraries, designed our Birthday Party pilot program, co-led Branching Out lessons and her biggest contribution was planning, organizing and leading afterschool lessons.


Ellie Falk – Board Member
Some of you might recognize Ellie’s name as a former staff person at Imago in charge of programs at Pleasant Ridge Montessori. Ellie was there for the very beginning of the partnership, guiding it from a small outdoor education program that happened only for a few kids at recess to a full-blown outdoor education special serving over 300 kids every week! On top of that she managed PRM’s awesome garden and nature areas. Ellie now works at the Civic Garden Center and we are excited to have her and her knowledge and wisdom back with us as a board member.

Changing – Board President

Jill Korach was the Imago board president for 12 years! Jill has led Imago through numerous projects, challenges, and successes. Jill has been responsible for improving the quality of several of Imago’s programs and projects including Music in the Woods, our grant program, the partnership with Pleasant Ridge Montessori, just to name a few. Imago is in a great place because of Jill and we are so grateful that she gave such an incredible amount of her time and talent to guide the organization. And.. we’re happy to say that even though she’s stepping down as board president, she’s staying on the board.

Adrian Hawk, another long-time Imago board member is stepping in to take Jill’s place as board president. Adrian was already incredibly involved with Imago. She’s led numerous art + nature workshops and events, in particular the upcycling events. She’s also been a key leader in improvements to the Imago building and has led several workdays to make the building look great. Adrian also has been instrumental in adding art to Imago through programs, art displays and through collaborations with artists. Among her many gifts, Adrian is always available to lend a hand and she always adds a special touch to what she does.