Friday 7:00 – 9:00 pm + Saturday 9:30 – 4:00 pm
$75 (includes snacks and refreshments); limited scholarships available.

Nature: ripe with metaphor, reflective experiences, and opportunities to get lost & found. The “natural” world provides us the context that we need to cultivate beautiful human lives. Spend the weekend with wonderful people, exploring the wild and unique environment of Imago, while asking deep questions about soul, purpose, and making the most of life!
During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Solo hiking/wandering on the land
  • Council-based conversation with other participants
  • Creative writing and poetic reflection
  • Group meals, laughter, and great interpersonal connections!
  • Vision/Life-Purpose explorations
  • Storytelling and the cultivation of personal “mythos”
  • Soul-encounters
  • Singing, art-making, and creative expression

Eventbrite - Nature as a Gate to the Soul

About our Facilitator, Amy:

Amy Tuttle, MA Transformative Arts, is deeply engaged in the work of nature-centered exploration of the human journey. Tuttle sees nature-based ceremony and art-making as a great tools for spiritual search, storytelling, and personal transformation. She has taught workshops on the intersection of “nature, art-making, and exploring the soul” at Grailville Program & Retreat Center, Imago Earth Center, and Sankofa House Cincinnati. She has led trainings, workshops, art classes, and art installations around the world: from India to Haiti. Tuttle has studied with teachers and coaches around the country and recently completed a nature-based Depth Council Training program with the Animas Valley Institute. She believes that the more connected we are to our sense of purpose, the more service we can offer our communities in these vital times!